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UV-LJ type UV-light irradiation cross-linked cable equipment

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Hebei, China
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Main Products: Insulation Resistance Tester
Model No.: 2 Place of Origin: China Packing: Wooden box

The UV-light irradiation cross-linking process uses UV-light as the irradiation source, extrudes and coats the mixed photo-crosslinking polyolefin compound on the conductor wire core, and then immediately enters the special irradiation equipment for fused photo-crosslinking. The insulated wire core after light irradiation cross-linking can be produced into photo-crosslinking polyolefin insulated wire and cable products through cooling treatment at different temperatures and other subsequent processing.

UV-light irradiation cross-linking method needs to be slightly modified only on the original normal extrusion production line. The upper traction, irradiation box and electric control cabinet with a small floor area can meet the operating requirements and produce UV-light irradiation cross-linked polyethylene wire and cable products. The addition of upper traction enables the conductor wire core to maintain a certain tension. In the running process, it shall be always in the center of irradiation box to ensure the best irradiation effect. The irradiation box uses a reflective focused UV light source that is uniformly configured and specially designed, and the electrical control system will ensure that the UV-light intensity and the irradiation temperature in the center of the irradiation box are in the optimum operating conditions. In addition, the efficient photo-initiation system rapidly induces cross-linking reaction of polyolefin under the UV-light irradiation, so that the irradiation equipment can reach a continuous production speed of dozens of meters per minute, and gradually cools at hot, warm and cold temperatures to ensure the stability of three-dimensional cross-linked netlike structure.

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